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Working Environment

Working Environment

Taking part in KLC means you are coming to a professional, dynamic and creative workplace. We, ambitious people with the spirit of openness in a friendly ...
Job opportunities

Job opportunities

KNIGHT LOGISTICS HAS CURRENT POSITIONS OPENED AS BELOW Please click on vacancies below that you interest to see more. Or you can refer to the ...
Online Contact Center
Track & trace
  • Support Online
  • lamknight
    Name : Mr. Mark Duong
    Position : Quotation & Booking
    Phone: +84.903.00.55.00
  • knightoperation07
    Name : Ms. Annie Mai
    Position : Customer Service
    Phone: +84.938.67.33.00
  • knightoperation
    Name : Ms. Linda Le
    Position : Export & Airfreight
    Phone: +84.938.09.46.46
  • knightinbound
    Name : Ms. Jannie Ho
    Position : Inbound
    Phone: +84.938.45.88.44